Logan Pass Opening 2015

Logan Pass Opening 2015

The arrival of the opening of Going-to-the-Sun Road all the way to Logan Pass in Glacier National Park is always exciting. At present, it has only opened up from the west side, but the east side should follow sometime after the 19th of June this year.

The snowpack is much lower than it was last year and last year opened up a month later than this year. Trails should be open sooner. Always bring hat, gloves, and a jacket when heading up to Logan Pass as it can be or get nasty quickly.

Anyway, super excited about Logan Pass opening up this year. It’s the next step in some of the alpine trails opening up for some sweet hiking in Glacier National Park!

Haystack Falls

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7 responses to “Logan Pass Opening 2015”

  1. Frederica wheeler johnson Avatar
    Frederica wheeler johnson

    Great to see you up there.looks wonderful.

  2. What are a few good hikes that are mostly free of snow this early in the season this year? We’ve already done Scalplock and Apgar Lookout and they were both clear.

    1. hike734 Avatar

      I’ve not been out for a couple weeks due to hiking in Yellowstone and then in California for a wedding. If you don’t mind some snow (and you’ve not already hiked it), Hidden Lake is cool. New hikes this time a year are opening up every day. Check the trail status report to see what’s been cleared. http://www.nps.gov/glac/planyourvisit/trailstatusreports.htm This, of course, doesn’t mean that a trail won’t be hikeable, it just means they’ve cleared it. A trail might not have been cleared of downfall, but may be ready to go!

  3. Jeff Stone Avatar
    Jeff Stone

    Hi Jake. I will be there July 13th and am looking forward to using the map I purchased from you! I see you have been to Granite Chalet and to Swiftcurrent Overlook, but how is the trail from there down to the Swiftcurrent Motor Inn? According to the trail status links there is still snow up there and was wondering if you had any more updated information? Thanks!

    1. hike734 Avatar

      Hope you were able to check out my new blog I just posted. If you haven’t, it’s here: https://hike734.com/trip/swiftcurrent-lookout-early-2015/ There is currently snow, but it is definitely passable even right now. With all of the heat we have now, I think there will be negligible amounts when you get there! Plan on hiking it. 😀

    2. Cindy Tyon Avatar
      Cindy Tyon

      Hello Jeff. My name is Cindy Tyon. My husband, son and I will also be at granite park on the 13th and 14th and going over to motor lodge on the 15th. You?

      1. Jeff Stone Avatar
        Jeff Stone

        I will be hiking from Logan pass to Granite Chalet then down to Swiftcurrent Inn but I don’t know what day yet. Probably the 14th if the weather cooperates. I won’t be arriving at Glacier until the 13th afternoon. Thanks for Asking. Hope to see you on the Trail!


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