The Eagle and The Chickadee

Bald Eagle

Winter can feel like such a time of desolation. Many birds have flown away, squirrels hibernate, days are shorter and flowers seem to be a distant memory. For me, it’s a time to prepare for next season. Just like the snow falling on the mountains to make for nourishing water for the summer, I try and get things rolling so that when springtime hits, I have put together more things to help people have a sweet trip in Glacier.

This past summer, we moved a bit closer to the Flathead River which allows me to go for a walk to get down to the water. On a recent stroll, I saw so many birds and the two that posed the best for me were this bald eagle and the black-capped chickadee. Talk about two contrasts in birds. From size to diet to method of flying, they couldn’t be further apart, but they both brought me the same joy.

Black-capped Chickadee

As winter drags on, hope you’re getting ready for when the trails dry up by planning trips, keeping in shape and working on great things. In the meantime, make sure you find the little things to make you smile.

Bald Eagle

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