HIKE-ABILITY Training Program

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A customizable, total-body training program for hikers who want to be confidently prepared and fit for the trail.

The trail awaits… be ready for it!



Visit hike734.com/hike-ability for complete program description.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • The essential components to hiking fitness — They’re KEY to boosting your performance, reducing discomfort, and minimizing the risk of injury on the trail.
  • How fitness, age, prior injury, or physical ailments will no longer be the “excuses” preventing you from achieving your goals.
  • The surprising reasons you may be suffering with knee, hip, or back pain — PLUS how YOU can fix it!
  • An effective workout formula tailored specifically for hiking — that will also improve how you move and feel day-to-day.
  • The “sweet spot” of cardio training so you can hike further, faster, and/or higher before fatigue sets in — Feel blissfully tired, not miserably exhausted at the end of your hiking day.
  • A simple, daily habit that will help combat the “effects of aging” on the body.
  • How to customize ANY workout to meet your current level of fitness — PLUS how to safely progress to achieve your specific goals.
  • Common workout mistakes and how you can avoid making them.
  • Valuable tools and proven techniques to help you master workout consistency, eliminate obstacles, and bust through motivational road-blocks.
  • Body literacy — Build a deeper understanding of body mechanics and the specific needs of a hiker.
  • A total-body approach to getting ready for the trails NOW, while also acquiring longevity as a hiker— Essentially a “hike for lifer” masterclass”!

Here’s what you’ll get:

  • Immediate access to a professionally created training program that’s specific to hiking fitness.
  • Detailed instructions on how to use the program so you’ll get the results you’re looking for.
  • 15 self-assessments; determine your areas of inefficiencies and track your progress.
  • 3-phased training schedule — each phase will appropriately build upon the prior and prepare you for the next).
  • A structured (yet fully customizable) 12-week plan that incorporates cardio, strength, stability, and mobility training.
  • Week-by-week training templates to eliminate overwhelm and confusion.
  • Workout options (modifications & progressions) for all levels and abilities.
  • Instructions on how to safely and effectively progress your training intensity to achieve desirable results.
  • 2 follow-along mobility routine videos.
  • Over 30 instructional videos, along with detailed exercise instructions and information.
  • Useful resources (including a glossary of terminology, equipment list, and answers to commonly asked questions).
  • Log-in access to the program for one entire year.
  • Tips and tools to help you plan and prepare for your hiking adventures.
  • Weekly educational lessons related to training, health/fitness, and hiking preparedness — Basically a “masterclass” that will not only prepare you for the trail, but revolutionize how you view physical fitness.

Additional Bonuses:

  • FREE companion Training Workbook (40+ page ebook). Includes printable resources to plan and organize your weekly training schedule.
  • Access to a private Facebook group where you can connect and share with a community of likeminded adventure seekers.
  • VIP access to my email inbox — your questions will be my top priority!

2 reviews for HIKE-ABILITY Training Program

  1. Kristen Bramante

    Visit https://hike734.com/hike-ability for customer reviews and HIKE-ABILITY client testimonials.

  2. Daniel Bilbrey (verified owner)

    Since the highly adaptable HIKE-ABILITY program is full of modifications, progressions and goals, I knew early on that I would be renewing. The benefits of having done this program for almost a year now are many – and I am renewing for a second year. It helps knowing that Kristen and her husband Jake follow and utilize this self-designed program as well.

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