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  • Climbing Never Laughs Mountain and Mt Ellsworth

    Climbing Never Laughs Mountain and Mt Ellsworth

    A little Throwback Thursday cuz we’re feeling nostalgic for dry trails Not sure if it gets any better than a crisp, fall morning in the Two Medicine area of Glacier National Park when Two Medicine Lake is glass. Sinopah Mountain stands tall at the head of the lake, reflecting in the mirror at its feet. […]

  • Siyeh Pass 2022

    Siyeh Pass 2022

    Alpine meadows, expansive views, a glacier, and a creek that tumbles into blue/green pools over red rocks all await on the Siyeh Pass Trail. While we like to do this hike when Preston Park is full of flowers, hiking it later in the summer yields less insects and more huckleberries. After a little bit of […]

  • Pitamakan – Dawson via the South Shore Trail 2022

    Pitamakan – Dawson via the South Shore Trail 2022

    The Pitamakan-Dawson Loop is one of our favorite hikes in Glacier that we try to do once a year. With the North Shore Trail of Two Medicine Lake closed, we ended up having a slightly longer day doing the South Shore Trail. We donned our running packs to do a faster version of the hike […]

  • Reverse Garden Wall Trifecta 2022

    Reverse Garden Wall Trifecta 2022

    The traditional way that we’ve done the “Garden Wall Trifecta” (climbing Bishops Cap, Pollock Mountain, and Piegan Mountain) has been starting at Logan Pass, climbing them in the order of Bishops Cap, Pollock, then Piegan, then coming out via Lunch Creek. Since we only had one car, we decided to drop bikes at Logan Pass, […]

  • Climbing Whitecalf Mountain and Kupunkamint Mountain

    Climbing Whitecalf Mountain and Kupunkamint Mountain

    Straddling the divide between the St Mary Valley and the Cutbank drainage in Glacier National Park lies a great ridgeline. We had already climbed Divide Mountain and we decided to take off and climb both Whitecalf Mountain and Kupunkamint Mountain. It was a big, beautiful day full of epic views, perfect weather, and all the […]

  • Scenic Point Spring 2022

    Scenic Point Spring 2022

    The hike up to Scenic Point in the spring frequently delivers bighorn sheep and sweeping views. With few options that don’t involve copious amounts of snow travel, we set out on the trail and got both the sheep in the views in spades. This spring has been cooler and wetter than in the past few […]

  • Scenic Point 2021

    Scenic Point 2021

    Despite the smoke from fires in the west hanging in the air, we decided to head out to the Two Medicine area to hike Scenic Point, a favorite of ours. While the smoke affected the views somewhat, it also kept the day a bit cooler. We ended up seeing ample wildflowers, picked some huckleberries, and […]

  • Grinnell Lake – Spring 2019

    Grinnell Lake – Spring 2019

    As part of Glacier National Park’s Harlequin Duck project, a few of us headed over to the east side of the park to look for Harlequin Ducks. Sean (one of the park’s wildlife techs) and I went up to Grinnell Lake in the Many Glacier area of the park. While we didn’t find any Harlequins, […]

  • Not so fast, Winter

    Not so fast, Winter

    We opened the garage door to head out to Glacier National Park when Kristen said, “I don’t think I have enough clothes on. It’s cold.” It was a chilly morning. The clear skies that were beckoning us to get outside had also helped drive down the temperatures. We’re not ready for winter. With no specific […]

  • Firebrand Pass and Red Crow Mountain

    Firebrand Pass and Red Crow Mountain

    Firebrand Pass in Glacier National Park is a favorite fall hike of ours. This year, we decided to add a little bonus by climbing Red Crow Mountain. Maybe it was all that clean air and blue skies. Either way, it was all smiles on a perfect September day in our favorite park. I’ve spent most […]