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  • Floral Park Traverse

    Floral Park Traverse

    The Floral Park Traverse is probably the most well known traverse in Glacier National Park, but it’s not for the lazy or unexperienced. Gaining over 4,000 ft of elevation and descending more than 7,000 over 19 miles is well worth the views if you can find the route. Below is the video of our day…

  • Garden Wall Summit Trifecta

    Garden Wall Summit Trifecta

    Three summits along the Garden Wall, Bishops Cap, Mt. Pollock, and Piegan Mountain, are a great day trip for those looking for some wonderful views above Going-to-the-Sun Road and the Highline Trail. The route is most frequently accessed from Lunch Creek just east of Logan Pass, but my buddy Blake Passmore, from Climb Glacier recommended…

  • Feature Friday – Floral Park Traverse by Alex Blondeau

    Feature Friday – Floral Park Traverse by Alex Blondeau

    This isn’t the first time I’ve put up a video by Alex. (Send me fun videos and I just might post them!) This time he comes to Glacier National Park to hike the Floral Park Traverse. This part on-trail and part off-trail trip is one that’s been on my bucket list and I’ve just not…