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  • Howe Lake Looning

    Howe Lake Looning

    The harried nature of migrations is waning here in the north and things are beginning to settle in. Snow is melting, flowers are breaking ground and bears are emerging. Birds are establishing their territories, building nests and looking to make little ones in their image. It’s for this last reason that we headed up to…

  • North Fork Meadows

    North Fork Meadows

    Heading up the Inside North Fork Road in Glacier National Park, there are a bunch of meadows that dot the landscape. Three of these meadows have trails. Heading north from Fish Creek, the first meadow you come to is McGee Meadow. There is an overlook from the Camas side and this trail allows you to…

  • Howe Lake

    Howe Lake

    Walked up to Howe Lake with my friend Reed Trontel. Anyway, you’ll start out in some forested areas, but will quickly pop out into the burn areas and the lake (unless you did the loop like we did that started at the Howe Ridge Trail where that’s all in the burn area to the lake).…