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  • Jewel Basin Hawk Watch 2023

    Jewel Basin Hawk Watch 2023

    As summer wanes in later August, my fellow bird nerds and I get excited for an annual event, raptor migration. Unlike many bird species that migrate at night, raptors such as hawks, eagles, and falcons, choose the day time along mountain ridges where they can ride currents and updrafts. This saves valuable energy as they…

  • Mt Aeneas and Picnic Lakes Loop

    Mt Aeneas and Picnic Lakes Loop

    This blog is part of a six part series of hikes in and around the Whitefish area in coordination with Explore Whitefish. Check out their website at https://explorewhitefish.com to find out more ways to explore the area, things to do, places to stay, and how you can recreate responsibly while visiting. One of the best…

  • Jewel Basin Hiking Area

    Jewel Basin Hiking Area

    Along the beautiful Swan Mountains that form the eastern border of the Flathead Valley, there is a great designated hiking area called the Jewel Basin, or “The Jewel” as it’s known to us locals. This network of trails is reached via a dirt road that climbs up into the alpine making the hiking rewarding almost…