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  • McDonald Creek Trail 2021

    McDonald Creek Trail 2021

    A quick drive from the West Entrance of Glacier National Park takes you to the head of Lake McDonald where McDonald Creek empties into it. The McDonald Creek Trail works its way up the playful creek, in an easy-going fashion with ample views of the crystal clear water. The trail begins as a level, ADA…

  • Spring Trail Run

    Spring Trail Run

    Went out for a trail run yesterday up in Glacier National Park. Combined the Avalanche Trail (not Avalanche Lake Trail) with the John’s Lake Loop and McDonald Creek Trail for a sweet trail run. Later on in the season, use by the horse concessionaires can make this for a stinky affair, however, in the spring,…

  • Harlequin Duck Survey

    Harlequin Duck Survey

    I have been looking forward to helping the biologists of Glacier National Park with the Harlequin Duck survey since last year. It just never worked out for last year, but this year, I was able to head out into the field looking for these amazing ducks along McDonald Creek. It was a beyond beautiful spring…