Spring Trail Run

Trail Running Gear

Went out for a trail run yesterday up in Glacier National Park. Combined the Avalanche Trail (not Avalanche Lake Trail) with the John’s Lake Loop and McDonald Creek Trail for a sweet trail run. Later on in the season, use by the horse concessionaires can make this for a stinky affair, however, in the spring, it’s a delight.

I’m planning on running my first half marathon and, judging by yesterday’s efforts, I definitely have a ways to go. To the right you can see some of my gear including bear spray. If you want the GPS tracks of this particular route, click here. It’s a great, mostly level 8 mile run in the trees, along a creek with some cascades, etc.

McDonald Creek Trail

The wet, open forest in the spring is quiet and beautiful. Keep your eyes peeled while you’re traveling through this area. I saw an owl flying through the trees which is an epic treat for me. Also seen were some ducks on John’s Lake and some deer along a feeder creek to McDonald Creek. The trilliums and violets are also in bloom for a little dainty forest beauty.

I’m sore today, but the good kind. Below is a map of my route using my Day Hikes Map as a basemap.

Spring 8 Mile Trail Run
Avalanche Trail

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