Blakiston Falls & Snowshoe Trail – Waterton Lakes National Park

The Blakiston Falls Trail starts right at the end of the Red Rock Parkway where there are bridges and interpretive signs for the three creeks that come together as one. A short walk up Blakiston Creek brings you to the lovely Blakiston Falls where there are two different vantage points. Beyond that, the trails meanders up along Blakiston Creek ducking in and out of trees. Mountain Goats can be seen grazing in the hills above. The hill then begins to climb aggressively and you reach a trail junction heading south to Lone Lake or north to Twin Lakes. I went north so I could loop back to my car via the Snowshoe Trail.

By the time you reach the aforementioned junction, you are up in the alpine with trees such as the Subalpine Larch and Subalpine Fir as well as birds and flowers of the high country. You visit magnificent ponds and lakes as you go over ridges to new drainages and amazing cirques. If you’re coming from the south as I was, you’ll come to the quaint Lower Twin Lake first, then Upper Twin Lake where you can camp. Upper Twin Lake is at the base of the red cliff walls and looks up to Sage Pass. A side trip up Sage Pass yields wonderful views and brings you to the border of Waterton Lakes National Park.

As you head on down from Upper Twin Lake, the trees get denser and you end up on the Snowshoe Trail Campground which is surrounded in trees. From there the trail is a freeway where two can easily walk side by side as it’s an old road. You follow Bauerman Creek out to Red Rock Canyon where you duck in and out of trees and meadows. It’s a great place to see a variety of birds and the wooded mountains are wonderful. This section of the trail can be traveled by bicycle.

Overall a great couple of trails. I’m not sure I’d make the Blakiston Creek portion part of my trip as the Lone Lake section all the way to Twin Lakes and out Snowshoe or perhaps around Avion Ridge might be more enjoyable.

Blakiston Falls & Snowshoe Trail
Blakiston Falls & Snowshoe Trail
Spruce Grouse

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2 responses to “Blakiston Falls & Snowshoe Trail – Waterton Lakes National Park”

  1. Leah Levitt Avatar
    Leah Levitt

    Hi Jake, We are heading to Canada in August. Please suggest a one day trip of about 10 – 12 miles. Have already done Crypt and Carthew/Alderson. Thanks

    1. Two that come to mind are the Avion Ridge and the Akamina Ridge hikes. I’ve not done either, but want to super bad and understand they are both breathtaking. The Avion Ridge is a bit long. I think it’s about 15 miles on an old trail. The Akamina Ridge is about 12.5 miles I think. Search around for it. I will cover that after I do it, but I’ve heard from a few people that it’s sweet!!

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