Cobalt Lake 2014

Cobalt Lake

Nestled up against red cliffs that lead up to Two Medicine Pass, is a beautiful lake called Cobalt Lake. This beautiful lake in Glacier National Park isn’t the only treasure along the trail, however. Rockwell Falls, a pond that frequently attracts moose and a flower filled alpine approach make for a rewarding day.

My wife and a few of her friends from work wanted to get out into Glacier and invited me along. The day started out cloudy and we felt a couple of drops, but it never fully rained. The huckleberries kept us stalling and, once we got some elevation, the flowers all clamored for your attention. Before that elevation, however, we stopped at Rockwell Falls, took the climber’s trail and had lunch among the pools and cascades above the falls.

Once at Cobalt Lake, we sat on the shores and admired the views as the sun came out. The flies were out convincing us not to loiter too much and we headed back to Two Medicine Lake where we soaked our legs, hopped in our car to dinner at Serrano’s.

Rockwell Falls

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  1. Will wildflowers be in bloom in July? We are planning a trip July 21-28.

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