Crossing 600

I’m soooo close now! I finally crossed 600 and am super thankful for the great weather. I got a bit of snow going up to Swiftcurrent Lookout and over Swiftcurrent Pass down to Many Glacier and then back up, but that’s the exception. Thanks for all of your kind words and prayers along the way. It means a ton!

Anyway, I’ve not had enough time to put together a proper video… but, I did want to give you a sneak peek at what’s coming, so here’s me saying hi.

Hammer Nutrition – New sponsor that has been HUGE in helping me get not only the right amounts, but the right kinds of calories in me as well as electrolytes and a magical recovery soup called Recoverite that helps set me up for the next day. Check out their site and give them a call and they can help you out!

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9 responses to “Crossing 600”

  1. Mike Kinsella Avatar
    Mike Kinsella

    Jake- you are looking a little drawn, understandably, after hiking 300 miles in 30 days!!! Only 99 miles to go, although it looks like from your schedule you may have to hike 135 to make the 99. Maybe a little weather coming your way the middle of next week- hope you don’t need your snowshoes.

    Like everyone else, I’m really looking forward to watching all the videos over the next few months.

    As John Wayne would say: get ‘er done!


    1. frederica johnson Avatar
      frederica johnson

      hey jake, glad to see you looking good in your video. stay safe. you’ve only got a little bit left to go.

      1. Well my body ended up getting moulded just right for hiking. Low body fat percentage, legs got all in shape and atrophied a bit in the torso. I’ll start working on the upper body now that the hiking is done. 😉

  2. Sharon Thorne Avatar
    Sharon Thorne

    Jake, what is the shoe manufacturer and the model?

    All the best for the FEW miles that remain … you are awesome!

    1. I hike in Salomon XT Wings 2. Great trail running shoe. The number one thing I recommend first is fit. You may have the best shoe in the world, but if the fit is wrong, you will suffer. After a good fit, there is loads of subjectivity from flexible or not, waterproof or not, etc. I prefer a low cut athletic shoe that moves with me, has an aggressive sole and isn’t waterproof. If there is water, it usually gets in and a goretex shoe/boot becomes a bathtub… but that’s my opinion. 😉

  3. I hope to celebrate your feet … I mean feat when I’m home for Christmas. Maybe we walk up a mountain and ski back down? Elk Mtn was fun in 08 … or maybe we should just drink coffee?

    1. Can we do both? I can’t wait to see you. Let’s backcountry ski and drink some coffee together. I might be able to keep up with you this time around…

  4. Michele Beilman Avatar
    Michele Beilman

    Hi Jake,

    My husband and I met you at Logan Pass on September 9th as we were watching what we thought was a wolf on a far off slope. I wanted you to know that upon further observation over the next hour or so it turns out it was a coyote. It was fun while we thought it was a wolf! It was really great meeting you!
    Michele Beilman

    1. Ugh, I know!! I did see my wolf… or rather wolves a few weeks later. But it was nice to see my first canine of my travels regardless.

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