Crossing the Finish Line

I did it. It’s pretty surreal right now and definitely hasn’t sunk in that I’m all done with the hiking part of my project. Of course when I say, “I did it”, it’s very very misleading. There is no way you can accomplish any larger goal without support from others from vehicle shuttles, joining hikes, couches to crash on, meals and most importantly belief and encouragement in both you and your ability. So a HUGE thank you to all of you guys! Of course I want to call out my girlfriend, Kristen, who helped me out sooo much with love, belief, encouragement, dinners, waiting, hiking with me, shuttling me around… very inconveniently as well as my parents who love me and support me and take care of the worry part as well as filling up my belly with an amazing dinner when I get home.

Anyway, I recorded the last couple moments which are below where I reflect and below that I’ll put up links to some articles and news clips. Don’t worry, hike734 isn’t over, however. We have a TON TON TON of great footage to share together. Thanks for watching…

Daily Interlake
Montana Elements
Official Glacier National Park
Flathead Beacon Blog
Flathead Beacon – Jake Picks Six

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17 responses to “Crossing the Finish Line”

  1. Jake,
    I am so very PROUD of you! You did it! Wow! What an inspiration you are. Wonder what you will do next? (wink)
    oxox Traci

    1. Well I’m not taking it easy, that’s for sure! Right now there are a bunch of things happening. Next summer? Who knows!!

  2. Mike Kinsella Avatar
    Mike Kinsella

    Jake- there’s a word you have been using all summer and it’s the only one that applies here- EPIC!!! When the snow didn’t melt until mid-August in the high country, many of us doubted you were going to make it. But you were blessed with one of the warmest and driest Septembers on record and you took advantage by hiking your legs off.

    Personally, I would prefer you space the videos out once or twice a week for months to get us through to next year’s hiking season in Glacier. But either way, I can’t wait.

    It’s worth repeating- EPIC!!

    1. Thanks for following all summer long Mike! Good to see you constantly commenting! I’m going to be trickling them out for a variety of reasons… one being that I won’t be able to get them out too fast and I want to people to be able to watch them. Too many and people start ignoring them. 😉

  3. scott lawhead Avatar
    scott lawhead

    Way to go, Jake! Happy for you and proud of you!

    1. Thanks bro! Time for some backcountry skiing. 😀

  4. Krista Koljonen Avatar
    Krista Koljonen

    What an excellent adventure! One to remember forever, I’m sure. I’m so jealous of the sum total of your hiking accomplishment this year. Congrats on reaching your goal. It’s fun been fun to “tag along” throughout your journey. Glacier is the most beautiful place, in my eyes, in God’s creation. I can only dream of doing what you did in my lifetime. My hats off to you and thank you. 🙂

    1. Glad I can inspire a bit. Start planning for next summer and enjoy the blogs this winter!

  5. We are so very proud of you, Jake!! It’s pretty incredible to think back on the planing and dreaming stages of this adventure…and here you are….at the finish line!

    Totally inspiring. You rocked it!

    1. Thanks for sharing in my journey and being such and inspiration! We’ll keep dreaming up more fun for the future…

  6. Michele from Helena Avatar
    Michele from Helena

    YAY Jake!! You did it! What an inspiration you are. I have not been able to get to Glacier as much as usual this year so I have enjoyed all your videos and I am looking forward to the rest of them to get me through the winter. I love to see parts of Glacier that I have not been to yet. I know your videos will get me to take a few hikes that I was not even considering. Cracker Lake is one, Elk Mountain is another (so far)!
    What an EPIC adventure!!
    Congrats on setting and attaining your goal! You are proof that not all young people are lazy couch potatoes.

    1. Well keep your pen handy. I’m sure you’ll add a couple more to that list. 😉

  7. Jake,

    We (the Big Creek crew) camped with you at Slide Lake, and you talked us into not wimping out on Chief. Stoked to see you accomplished your goal. Stellar.


    1. You guys were soooo great! It made an already amazing place even sweeter for sure. I might have to make a stop at the Big Creek offices next summer.

  8. You have given a gift beyond your knowledge. Living in Michigan you have given me a piece of heaven each step you recorded and posted. Glacier is a park of wonderment and beauty that we treasure. Thank you for sharing your experience with the world and someone that is unable to visit Glacier as often as she would love to. Congratulations on your dream come true!

    1. Thanks Cindy! More coming… it’s all good stuff!

  9. Great job Jake, pretty incredible accomplishment. Just organizing the trip seemed difficult enough. I was just wonderin if you knew how much of the 734 was hiked alone? Just curious, great job.

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