Snow Geese Migration

Freezeout Lake 2013

I’d heard about the March Snow Geese migration that goes past a lake southeast of Glacier National Park called Freezeout Lake (FWP calls it Freezout Lake) and knew that I wanted to go there. The peak of the season is towards the end of March and I happened to have a free weekend, so we headed up and over the mountains.

The real star of the show would be the Snow Geese as they number in the thousands. Each morning, right around sunrise, they all take off out of the water at the same time creating an amazing spectacle. Some of the geese continue their flight north while others just head out to the barley fields to the east to glean, only to return later. They take off again in the afternoon to do the same.

In addition to the geese, you have the amazing backdrop of the rockies that light up pink in the morning and all of the additional waterfowl. I saw Northern Pintails, Redheads, Common Goldeneyes, Tundra Swans, American Wigeons, Canada Geese and more! Definitely something to put on your calendar.

Snow Geese

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6 responses to “Freezeout Lake 2013”

  1. Debra Franciosi Avatar
    Debra Franciosi

    This is beautiful, Jake. Thanks for sharing!

    1. No problem! (you should go and take your own pictures there some day… it’s breathtaking)

      1. Debra Franciosi Avatar
        Debra Franciosi

        We went – even though it was late (9:30 AM the last weekend in March), we saw tens of thousands of snow geese. Breathtaking is the perfect descriptor. Loved it.

  2. do you sell your photos anywhere? or photo cards or a book perhaps?

    1. I have a couple at my store. I would like to come out with some more stuff like that in the future. If there’s anything in particular you’d like to purchase, let me know and we can work something out!

  3. […] finally made it back to Freezeout Lake. My first trip happened in March of 2013 and was a fantastic experience. I came back again for another couple of days to see one of […]

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