Harlequin Duck Survey Part 2

Harlequin Ducks

For mid-May, McDonald Creek in Glacier National Park was low and clear. Normally at this time, it’s fast, high and muddy. Either way, it’s a great time to go looking for Harlequin Ducks. With it being so clear, however, we had front row seats to watch them dive and feed.

Once again, I was fortunate enough to join the team working on a multi-year research project on Harlequin Ducks along McDonald Creek. A couple of weeks prior, we saw four ducks on our stretch of the river. This time we saw four breeding pairs and four solo males.

One of the big highlights for me, other than just being outside with the amazing wildflowers and beautiful scenery, was watching them dive and feed around the Red Rocks area. Being early, the only way to get to these points along Going-to-the-Sun Road are by foot, by bike, or by research vehicle. I was on foot.

Overall, it was a nice day with a couple of other birds, waterfalls and crystal clear waters. Looking forward for more of the Park opening up. The more I do citizen science projects, the more I love it. If you have an affinity for wildlife in your area, look into various opportunities to get out and volunteer to observe and count raptors, backyard birds, goats, etc. You may just find a new hobby with a big impact!

McDonald Creek

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  1. Harry Chandler Avatar
    Harry Chandler

    We watched a male ride the rapids here at Red Rocks and it was marvelous and hilarious!

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