Northern Hawk Owl on Camas Road

Northern Hawk Owl

The wind blew all night as a new system rolled into town. The sun arose to a blue winter sky and crisp air. I looked towards the mountains and knew I must head into Glacier before working.

I grabbed my camera and drove up with no particular destination in mind. After wandering around in my car, I found myself driving up Camas Road past Apgar Village and stopped a few times to admire the incredible snowcapped mountains.

As I was heading back to my car, a raptor flying caught my eye. In my mind I begged it to land, and land it did! It perched on the top of a dead snag and allowed me to get some great shots of a Northern Hawk Owl!

After awhile, it flew off to another tree and eventually left, but not before it put a permasmile on my face. 😀

Glacier National Park in Winter

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