Snyder Lake

Hiked to the lovely and quaint Snyder Lakes. Encountered snow the last mile or so, but that’s the price you pay for loads of flowers. We started in the lush areas around Lake McDonald and worked our way up to the subalpine forest around the lake. Tons of birds and flowers. No bigger animals except a lone mule deer.

Snyder Lake
Black Bear stares down garbage truck

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2 responses to “Snyder Lake”

  1. frederica johnson Avatar
    frederica johnson

    enjoyed your snyder lake hike pics. i especially like the flower identification. lots of snow up there. never tried it myself, but am now inspired by your video to do snyder. thanks.

    1. hike734 Avatar

      Yeah, I’m finding places I never knew existed… for good or for ill. I think that will be a pretty hike throughout the year. I’m a big fan of hikes that take me through a few climate zones into the alpine and peaks and have a lake. I’ve been doing a bunch of bog lowlands hiking recently so that was a refreshing change. I’m hoping it will be sunny for you though. 😀

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