South Shore of St. Mary Lake

South Shore St. Mary Lake

Started at the Red Eagle trailhead and wandered through the old burn area of St. Mary filled with silver trees, wildflowers and birds. Finally dropped down by the lake amongst the trees and walked along it soaking up fantastic views. All of this culminated to Virginia Falls and St. Mary Falls at the head of the lake to top things off. Whether you do the whole thing or just enjoy a bit of either end, you’ll not be disappointed.

South Shore St Mary Lake
White Geranium

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8 responses to “South Shore St. Mary Lake”

  1. Keegan Luinstra Avatar
    Keegan Luinstra

    Was originally hoping to do this trip on a backpack from st marys to lake mcdonald. Besides the campgrounds being booked near gunsight pass, there’s still a lot of snow. I mentioned on your schedule page that I’m doing Lake Isabel on 7/25. You should contact me if you wanted to meet up for a drink the night before. Would be cool to hear all about your travels in person!

    1. hike734 Avatar

      That would be sweet! I’ll look at my schedule and get back with you on where I’ll be at. It’s always changing with other’s availability, so I might be spending a night in the woods or in my own bed. If the latter, I might hit you up for that beverage!

  2. Mike Kinsella Avatar
    Mike Kinsella

    There’s no doubt you picked the worst summer in history to attempt this feat. Only 25% done and it’s almost August. Are you going to be free to hike well into September or do you have some school to get back to?

    Enjoy the Many Glacier area- some of the best hikes in the park!

    1. hike734 Avatar

      Well the snow is pretty crazy, but I’ve not encountered a lot of it. If you notice, most of my big mileage hikes are coming up and they involve the passes. I’m basically right on schedule. I’ll be hiking a bit into October actually. School? I graduated from college with my bachelor’s over ten years ago. 😉

      Oh and I agree, the Many Glacier area is probably my fave. Glaciers, goats, grizzlies, moose, gorgeous blue and green lake, glacial valleys and more wildflowers and birds than you know what to do with!

  3. LINDA raczkiewicz Avatar
    LINDA raczkiewicz

    hello-just reading about this adventure-just awesome!
    we have a son you’re age who lives in Missloua-probably
    knows about this -more power to you-Glacier is an
    amazingingly beautiful place and hope to return someday

  4. Stseick Avatar

    So helpful to see the trails and read about your experience as I plan our family hikes for the summer.

  5. Petra Machnikova Avatar
    Petra Machnikova

    I would like to ask, how long did this trip last? I and my friend go to GNP with bus and we have to catch last bus at 7:35 PM from Apgar Visiter Center.
    Thank you.

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