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Swiftcurrent Lookout 2013

After a hiatus of a couple of weeks and July in our rear view mirror, my wife and I were able to get out. She had never been to Swiftcurrent Lookout and we had some time constraints, so we went up via the Loop Trail.

We got an earlier start so we were up in the high country before it got too warm. On the way up we saw loads of birds, a couple of whitetail bucks in velvet and a mule deer buck in velvet at the beautiful Granite Park Chalet. After a stop there, we continued up to the lookout and saw some goats and a moose waaaaay off in the distance in Bullhead Lake. Of course the views are incredible from this lookout… probably the best in the Park from the trail. In fact, this is the highest point accessible via trail.

After enjoying some lunch and making sure the Golden-mantled Squirrels didn’t eat our packs, we headed back down. We passed another deer, this time a mule deer doe. Right before we got to the car, we ran across a small black bear. I would have taken some photos, but he was too close to the trail for it to be safe.

All in all, a ridiculously amazing day.

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Swiftcurrent Lookout
Juvenile Red-naped Sapsucker

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2 responses to “Swiftcurrent Lookout 2013”

  1. As always… spectacular photos. My mother and father were on this trip, long hikes were not in the mix this time…they are both in their 70’s. I was the master chauffer in the rowboats at Many Glacier though. Thirty years ago – my mother was a hiking fool and could not be stopped. Her ashes (when that time comes) are going to be split between Two Medicine and Lake Louise in Banff.

  2. Mike Kinsella Avatar
    Mike Kinsella

    You are a glutton for punishment going up the Loop and then climbing to the Lookout. Elevation change must have been over 3500 feet in only 5 miles! Kudos to your long-suffering wife.

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