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  • Citizen Science

    Citizen Science

    A really great program in Glacier National Park for wannabe biologists such as myself is the Citizen Science Program which is part of the Crown of the Continent Research Learning Center. This program is partially funded by my sponsor, the Glacier National Park Fund and is a great way for folks to get involved with […]

  • KGRZ Interview

    For those of you in Missoula, MT, I’ll be on the radio getting interviewed on KGRZ 1450 AM and 92.7 FM at 10:20am this Saturday, June 16th. Tune in for a little chat with Jake!

  • Map Page Announcement

    Map Page Announcement

    Please browse the map… it’s a super sweet way to browse the trail blogs!Hike 734 map page Also, for just maps, here’s a link to my old blog about trail maps for info for the paper kind:Maps for Trail Nerds For the greatest maps for national parks, check out (my) day hike maps at the […]