Feature Friday – Goes bump in the night

I love to hear Glacier National Park trip stories and Nicole Whittington has a doozy. Here’s her story in her own words. Make sure you check out her trip pictures on Flickr.

Feature Friday Goes bump in the night“We didn’t end up getting to the park and thus the back country office until around 9 and when we tried to switch, everything else was already full. So we stuck with flattop/50 mtn/flattop and we were happy we did. We delayed our start time so we could call granite chalet to check for cancellations and we got really lucky and got a room for the third night of our hike. So we got to hike the upper highline, which was amazing, and got to stay in the chalet.

As for Flattop trail it was deserted and we saw more bears than other hikers in 48 hours so we really enjoyed it. We also thought flattop campground – even though it’s in a burn was a beautiful campsite. Great views, easy water, and the largest huckleberry patch ever. It was suppose to be full that night but no one else showed up so it was just my husband and me…until the bear showed up about an hour after we went to bed and checked out our tent. We had hung everything up – didn’t even have water or lip balm or anything. It was probably just curious. It literally ran into our site and straight up to the tent and smelled the whole perimeter of the tent. We didn’t know what kind it was and didn’t want to instigate anything by surprising it prematurely so just stayed quiet until it touched the tent – at that point we had nothing to lose and luckily when we yelled at it it ran…but just across the creek. Then it was about another 20 mins yelling at it and clapping and shining our lights trying to get him to actually go away, which he finally did. Terrifying. Ended well, and we got a great story, but we were happy to have fellow campers the next night and to have 4 walls the next – and all other bear sightings from a distance.”

Pretty ridiculous!

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