Feature Friday – The Hollars

One thing I absolutely love is when I get emails from folks sharing their trips from Glacier National Park and letting me know that somehow I helped them out. Because I get some great pictures/videos/stories, I decided that it would be super fun to feature that content and share it all with you! If you have trips where you have blogged, uploaded a video or photos, let me know and I’ll try and get you up on Feature Friday!

Aaron and Holly Hollar snapped this photo while at Cracker Lake this October
Holly and Aaron Hollar hail from West Virginia and just recently came out and camped at Cracker Lake and in the Two Medicine campground. I love their little videos (including the bit by Jim Gaffigan who cracks me up) and writing. Check out their two blogs on Glacier below:

Hollar’s Adventures: Glacier National Park Day 1
Hollar’s Adventures: Glacier National Park Day 2

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