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  • Climbing Mt. Siyeh

    Climbing Mt. Siyeh

    Mt. Siyeh is one of six summits in Glacier National Park that is over 10,000 ft. It is the easiest of the 10,000 ft peaks to reach and has fantastic views all the way around! A big shout out to Blake Passmore and his Climb Glacier National Park books which are incredibly helpful in finding routes to summits. If…

  • Cracker Lake 2014

    Cracker Lake 2014

    While I had been to Cracker Lake a couple of times, my wife Kristen had not. We decided to celebrate the 4th of July in the American idea of National Parks and camp at the lake. We ended up with a beautiful lake, mountain goats, a pika, snowshoe hare, and loads of wildflowers. A note…

  • “Mountain Goat at Cracker Lake” – DVD Excerpt

    “Mountain Goat at Cracker Lake” – DVD Excerpt

    During my presentation at the Myrna Loy Center in Helena, MT, I tell the story of one of my favorite photos of a mountain goat overlooking the incredible Cracker Lake. For this story and other stories from my incredible 2011 summer, check out my presentation DVD!

  • Cracker Lake 2013

    Cracker Lake 2013

    Cracker Lake has never disappointed me. I’ve hiked to the lake twice and each time I’ve seen at least a moose, loads of flowers and a bunch or birds. On July 2nd, 2013, I headed out again with one of the board members from the Glacier National Park Conservancy to this wonderful spot. We took…

  • Feature Friday – The Skyline Experience

    Feature Friday – The Skyline Experience

    I got this email from a Mr. Alex Blondeau who has introduced me to a route that I now want to do called the Skyline Experience. It’s an off-trail experience that starts out at the Cracker Lake trailhead, crosses Canyon Creek, climbs Wynn Mountain, then Cracker, then Mt. Siyeh, then descends down into the Cataract…

  • Feature Friday – The Hollars

    One thing I absolutely love is when I get emails from folks sharing their trips from Glacier National Park and letting me know that somehow I helped them out. Because I get some great pictures/videos/stories, I decided that it would be super fun to feature that content and share it all with you! If you…

  • Cracker Lake

    Cracker Lake

    Cracker Lake is a surreal-colored lake in the Many Glacier valley. Once the location of a mine, this lake is nestled in a basin with towering walls and an abundance of wildlife. On this particular trip, I saw mountain goats, a moose and a bear in addition to many birds, flowers and small mammals such…