Black Lake

Black Lake – 9.7mi / 15.6km

Black Lake lies deep within Glacier Gorge where water cascades into the lake from all directions.

Begin by hiking up to the lovely Alberta Falls (see Alberta Falls for description). Continue up along Glacier Creek and take a left at the three way junction to get to Mills Lake (see Mills Lake for description).

The trail climbs another 1,500ft/500m to Black Lake. Along the way Glacier Creek changes personality from small cascades and gentle meanderings to waterfalls over huge granite slabs. Just before you reach the lake, the creek tumbles into a lovely pool at Ribbon Falls. A short climb and some boulder hopping leads you to the shores of Black Lake. Water cascades from lakes and persistent snowfields above. Explore the area before heading back down.

Trailhead: Follow Bear Lake Road to the Glacier Gorge Trailhead, or park at the Park & Ride and take the park’s free shuttle to the trailhead.

Elevation Gain: 1,700ft / 510m – Elevation Loss: 1,700ft / 510m

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