Jake plus the Glacier National Park Fund

Jake Bramante joins GNPF

Jake plus the Glacier National Park Fund
Jake Bramante from Hike 734 joins the Glacier National Park Fund

I’ve been scrambling around trying to keep blogs up, getting ready for the holidays, and starting my new contract with GNPF. It’s the last one that I’m really REALLY excited about! I’m the new Outreach Coordinator for the Glacier National Park Fund to help them through the new merger with the Glacier Association as they become the Glacier National Park Conservancy. I first started working with GNPF when I was researching out my project and they’ve been a great partner throughout my project and I’ve always been excited to talk about them and this is a great natural step for our partnership.

The Glacier National Park Fund is the philanthropic arm of Glacier National Park. If you love Glacier and want to keep it awesome for years to come, check out all the ways that you can! They have Friday hikes, loan out bear spray and other great little things like that that benefits individuals. What they do on a larger scale is fund research projects such as wildlife studies, citizen science, etc, fund trail rehab, educational programs, historic structure preservation and bus kids to and from the park. How sweet is that!

The Glacier Association runs all the bookstores in and around the park and uses that money to publish free informational handouts, road exhibits, fund native american cultural programs, educational programs, etc.

The new Glacier National Park Conservancy will be moving forward with all of these great efforts under one banner and I get to be part of it! Check out the sites for the Fund and the Association and help make an impact on the Park that has impacted you.

In the meantime, expect more Hike 734 trip blogs from Glacier National Park, gear reviews/technical advice and highlights and features for and from your trips!

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