Logan Pass – Half Opened

Logan Pass Early 2013

The snowpack this year is disappearing fast which has helped the plowing crews do their insane work to get the iconic Going-to-the-Sun road open. (if you don’t believe me it’s insane, check out their Flickr Page for photos) Because of this, they were able to open up the road from the St. Mary side this past weekend. On Friday, a crew of us went up with a U-haul and two vans bringing up a whole new shelving system for the Glacier National Park Conservancy. Let’s just say that it was still winter up there.

Wherever you currently live, you probably are experiencing or have been now for a few months, this little thing we call summer. Flowers blooming, hummingbirds, shorts, etc. Up at Logan Pass, it was foggy, windy and snowing. This is a great reminder to you that if you are heading up there into the mountains, make sure that you’re always prepared with a rain jacket, warm hat and gloves as you never know what season it will be at the top.

Anyway, we got all the new shelving unloaded and the old stuff into the vehicles with some of the guys going back up on Saturday with books, T-shirts and whatnot. Services aren’t fully opened up there yet, but they’re getting there.

Loading Logan Pass

In regards to hiking up in the high country yet, hold your horses as there is still many feet of snow. When you get up to the pass and walk up to the Visitor Center, you’ll walk through a hall of snow that is well over your head… but it’s a cool thing to experience! (see what I did there?)

The rest of Going-to-the-Sun Road is expected to open up this Friday, June 21st. My plan is to go up that way and get a blog out so you cans see what it looks like! They are still installing the removable log railing and getting the road prep. The biggest reason, however, for the west side to have to wait is because of a contract with the construction crews working the area just above Avalanche Creek. The first time they can open it is on Friday.

Anyway, the season is coming at us super fast which is great for getting out, but reminds us that time moves quickly so I hope you can get out before it seals itself back up again. 😉

If you’re looking for an insider’s guide to driving the road so you can get great pictures, a parking spot at Logan Pass and not miss a stop, check out my Going-to-the-Sun Driving Guide available at my store.

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