GPS Tracks for Glacier National Park

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Every trail in Glacier National Park in high resolution to download into your favorite mapping application or GPS device. This data is derived from official trail data obtained through professional GPS units, and imaging from the National Park Service.

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This file contains of all of Glacier National Park’s maintained trails in the universal GPX format. Open the file in Google Earth, your favorite mapping application, or utilities such as Garmin’s Basemap. From there, you can plan your trip, select your trails or upload what you need to your device.


  1. The file has been compressed (commonly referred to as being zipped) for faster downloads and will need to be uncompressed before using. Most modern operating systems contain that capability.
  2. The data is of very high resolution and may be too large for some older devices. Most utilities that upload to GPS units feature an option to simplify the data before upload. Using this method or only choosing specific trails is an easy workaround.
  3. This is only the data. For trip planning, uploading to a GPS, etc, other software will be needed.

4 reviews for GPS Tracks for Glacier National Park

  1. Mike B

    Man I really wish I would have had this for my recent trip to the park @ the beginning of July. Oh well will have to use the next time I visit.

  2. Kyle Johnson (verified owner)

    This seems to be a complete list of trails in GNP, It will be extremely useful. I downloaded it and added it to my Garmin 64s using basecamp with no problems.

  3. Todd Pollock (verified owner)

    The track data does not include elevation which should have been a component of a “professional GPS unit”. So it is not possible to display and evaluate the hike profile. Neither is time nor speed included. All these components are typically included in GPX data available from other vendors. Pretty disappointing considering this data set is for a mountainous area. I’ll be shopping elsewhere in the future

    • Jacob Bramante

      Todd, I’m sorry you were disappointed with the GPS data. These are the tracks for all of the trails. I’m not sure how one would include “time” or “speed” in the GPX data as it was obtained through a dataset, not a track walked on a specific date. Most of the analysis is traditionally done within software such as elevation profiles and such. Regardless, it wasn’t what you were looking for and I have refunded your money. Hope you find what you were looking for elsewhere and thanks for giving it a whirl!

  4. Chris

    In response to Todd’s earlier complaint: I have an expensive InReach unit and it also does NOT formulate elevation changes with route info. I have to download the gpx file from the InReach and have a separate (but thankfully free) app to view the elevation profile. A basic data set gpx like this is certainly handy for finding your way around the park’s trails, especially in conditions of poor visibility or when unsure if you’re on the correct trail. If you’re looking for elevation profiles BEFORE hitting the trail just consult a topo map or look at any number of websites that summarize trails in the park.

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