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  • Fairy Falls Loop with Imperial Geyser

    Fairy Falls Loop with Imperial Geyser

    The Fairy Falls trail in Yellowstone National Park is a very popular trail that walks past the Grand Prismatic Spring on its level way to a wonderful waterfall. If you continue on the trail, you can encounter Imperial Geyser and turn it into a wonderful loop through a broad meadow and add Goose Lake. **A…

  • Sentinel Meadows & Queens Laundry

    Sentinel Meadows & Queens Laundry

    The hike to Sentinel Meadows and Queens Laundry gives you a level trail with wide open meadows, hot springs, ponds, birds, and a little bit of Yellowstone National Park history. The trail can be done by hiking directly to Queens Laundry and back or made into a little loop that’s a bit longer through another meadow.…