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  • Quartz Lake Loop Looning 2014

    Quartz Lake Loop Looning 2014

    Working with the Citizen Science Program in Glacier National Park is a great excuse for me to get out (and it helps science in the Park!) as if I needed one. So my buddy TJ and I took off to do the Quartz Lake Loop. Quartz Lake, Middle Quartz Lake and Lower Quartz Lake are…

  • Quartz Lake Looning

    Quartz Lake Looning

    The Quartz Lake Loop has a love/hate relationship with me. The hike up and over Cerulean Ridge in the morning is long, gradual and not a killer on fresh legs. After you drop down into the lovely chain of lakes, you have the hike over Quartz Ridge, also named “Cardiac Ridge” as the trail takes…

  • Quartz Lake Loop and Quartz Creek

    Quartz Lake Loop and Quartz Creek

    The trail for the Quartz Lakes begins at the foot of Bowman Lake in the northwest corner of the park and follows its south shore. It crosses over Quartz Ridge at two locations making for a nice loop that can be done as one big 13 mile day hike or a two day trip with…