Quartz Lake Loop Looning 2014

Quartz Lake

Working with the Citizen Science Program in Glacier National Park is a great excuse for me to get out (and it helps science in the Park!) as if I needed one. So my buddy TJ and I took off to do the Quartz Lake Loop.

Quartz Lake, Middle Quartz Lake and Lower Quartz Lake are wonderful lakes, but the ridge to get there and back can be a challenge. Along the way we spotted a grouse, loads of spring flowers and the trees were filled with little forest birds such as chickadees and warblers.

About 2/3 of the way up, we encountered snow which was about 90% or more coverage until we reached the fire line. After that, it was mostly trail with a few muddy sections. The lakes were wonderful with loons in every one. Overall a sweet day!


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