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  • Climbing Going-to-the-Sun Mountain

    Climbing Going-to-the-Sun Mountain

    Going-to-the-Sun Road gets its name from the iconic Going-to-the-Sun Mountain. The legend goes that Napi, the god of the Blackfeet people ascended back into heaven from the mountain. We decided to make our own ascent of this mountain and the views were definitely heavenly. Siyeh Creek was as beautiful as ever as we began our […]

  • Goat Mountain with Otokomi Lake

    Goat Mountain with Otokomi Lake

    Goat Mountain sits proudly above Otokomi Lake and Goat Lake. To the east you have St. Mary Lake, some foothills, then the vast plains. Views in all other directions are of Glacier National Park’s peaks with Going-to-the-Sun Mountain and Mahtapi Peak dominating the views up to Siyeh Pass. We were looking for a nice climb […]

  • Four Summits on the 4th of July

    Four Summits on the 4th of July

    On the very beautiful, windy 4th of July this year, myself, Kristen and three friends set off to climb Otokomi Mountain, East Flattop Mountain, Singleshot Mountain, and Napi Point. These summits are all connected via amazing ridge walks with incredible views of the St. Mary area in Glacier National Park. Since this trip was a […]

  • Rising Sun

    Rising Sun

    In the St. Mary area of Glacier National Park lies an important motor inn called Rising Sun that contributed to the death of the Going to the Sun Chalet located at today’s Sun Point. Across the road from this motor inn and along St. Mary Lake, lies a picnic area and the start of the […]

  • Otokomi Lake

    Otokomi Lake

    Starting at Rising Sun in the St. Mary Valley and following Rose Creek for a little over 5 miles, you’ll end up at Otokomi Lake. It’s a beautiful lake nestled at the base of Goat Mountain. Early in the season, the waterfalls coming into the lake are beautiful and Rose Creek is cascading with some […]