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  • Skiing to Running Eagle Falls 2017

    Skiing to Running Eagle Falls 2017

    The common misconception with Glacier National Park is that when Going-to-the-Sun Road and other roads close, the park is closed. The great thing about this misconception is that the park is extremely quiet and we enjoyed that solitude with a cross-country ski to the lovely, mystical Running Eagle Falls in Two Medicine. The forecast looked…

  • Running Eagle Falls 2014

    Running Eagle Falls 2014

    It’s been a crazy couple of weeks. I’ve not been out much due to the crazy amounts of rain we received. I have to admit I’ve become a bit of a fair-weather hiker. In addition to that, we got a little water in our basement, so that’s been taking up some time (and money). My…

  • Running Eagle Falls

    Running Eagle Falls

    Located in the Two Medicine area of Glacier National Park, Running Eagle Falls or Trick Falls owes its name to a legend of a Blackfoot woman named Pitamakan (Running Eagle) who showed bravery and good medicine in battle. You can read all about her on an interpretive sign at the trailhead of this short, level…