Trick Falls or Pitamakan Falls

Running Eagle Falls

Located in the Two Medicine area of Glacier National Park, Running Eagle Falls or Trick Falls owes its name to a legend of a Blackfoot woman named Pitamakan (Running Eagle) who showed bravery and good medicine in battle. You can read all about her on an interpretive sign at the trailhead of this short, level hike. The hike to the falls is less than a mile and has a loop that you can check out that contains a number of signs discussing various elements of the trail such as birds and trees.

It’s also called trick falls as the falls seem to come right out of the rock. When it’s running at its peak flow, it will also flow over the top creating a unique and beautiful waterfall.

All told, you’ll end up hiking less than a mile to witness a beautiful waterfall!

Running Eagle Falls
Pitamakan Falls

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    Mike Kinsella

    Jake- when I try to go full screen with the latest videos- it only goes to about 1/4 screen. Is this something in my computer or is it happening to everybody?

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      Hmmm, give it another whirl. It is working for me. (also, click on the little gear and bump up the resolution a bit… it will look much better)

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