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  • Sky Rim Trail via Dailey Creek

    The Sky Rim Trail borders Yellowstone National Park and the Gallatin National Forest to the north. This trail faithfully follows the sawtooth ridge giving you both incredible views and ample elevation gain culminating to a summit of the rounded, grassy dome of Big Horn Peak. Accessing it via the wonderful meadows of Dailey Creek (Daly […]

  • Tower Creek

    The Tower Creek trail in Yellowstone National Park is a trail that starts at the Tower Fall campground and follows the creek upstream for 3.5 miles. This trail appears on current maps, but is no longer maintained, so expect to ford the creek and employ some route-finding skills as you bounce between forests and meadows. […]

  • Garnet Hill Loop and Hellroaring Creek

    The Garnet Hill Loop and Hellroaring Creek Trail in Yellowstone National Park are two great hikes with a nice combination of creeks, forest, vast sagebrush meadows and the Yellowstone River. They can be done separately or paired together for a long day hike. I started out on a nice, sunny day at the Garnet Hill […]

  • Lost Lake Loop

    Lost Lake Loop in the Tower-Roosevelt area of Yellowstone National Park offers a variety of habitat including a quaint lake, open sagebrush meadows, and older coniferous forests. This variety leads to a great collection of wildlife including antelope, bison, bears, birds and wonderful wildflowers in the spring. The sun danced in and out of the […]