Apgar Lookout Bushwhack

Lazuli Bunting

Went out for a little off-trail adventure that included Apgar Lookout, then a ridge walk. Our destination was a ways down the ridge and our spirits were broken by downfall. We decided to turn back.

This, of course, didn’t mean we had a terrible day. We saw loads of flowers, birds, a mule deer to go with our multitude scrapes and bruises. (Make sure you watch past the end of the video for a bit of nonsense if you’re new to my video blogs below.)

Calliope Hummingbird

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2 responses to “Apgar Lookout Bushwhack”

  1. Girlyman Bond Avatar
    Girlyman Bond

    1. I went to GP for the week of sat 7 to thur 12 this june, and I went up apgar lookout with my dad the day before you went, and 2. on that Wednesday, I went to ptarmigan falls, and while we were walking out we saw a HUGE herd of bighorn sheep running on that slope to the north of the trailhead, and we are absolutely positive we saw a wolf that they were running from

  2. Cary Greenfield Avatar
    Cary Greenfield

    Met you on the trail, are you up for a hike on July 30. Thinking of Floral Park, Iceburg Peak, or Mt. Jackson (not sure with all the snow this year)

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