moose calfTwo of the bigger lakes on the east side of Glacier National Park are Lake Sherburne and St. Mary Lake. Both are great spots to look for wildlife. I was dropping off some more of my Day Hikes Map Guides to some of my resellers and decided to do a common loon survey at the two lakes. On the way in, I saw a cow moose with two calves which was a super special treat and, later, another cow moose.

Along Lake Sherburne, I didn’t see or hear any loons, but did see quite a few water birds including an albino mallard, some shorebirds, and a sub-adult bald eagle. The wildflowers were great and a whitetail doe snorted at me.

Later, at St. Mary Lake, I enjoyed the warblers and thrushes, loved the flowers and heard and saw my loon. Not too shabby for a trip over to the east side. 😀

One thought on “East Side Big Lakes

  1. What a great video Jake! Thank you so much for sharing the beauty of Glacier National Park with us. I can’t wait to get back up to St. Mary’s again this summer.

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