moose calf

East Side Big Lakes

moose calf

Two of the bigger lakes on the east side of Glacier National Park are Lake Sherburne and St. Mary Lake. Both are great spots to look for wildlife. I was dropping off some more of my Day Hikes Map Guides to some of my resellers and decided to do a common loon survey at the two lakes. On the way in, I saw a cow moose with two calves which was a super special treat and, later, another cow moose.

Along Lake Sherburne, I didn’t see or hear any loons, but did see quite a few water birds including an albino mallard, some shorebirds, and a sub-adult bald eagle. The wildflowers were great and a whitetail doe snorted at me.

Later, at St. Mary Lake, I enjoyed the warblers and thrushes, loved the flowers and heard and saw my loon. Not too shabby for a trip over to the east side. 😀

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  1. Connie Cermak Avatar
    Connie Cermak

    What a great video Jake! Thank you so much for sharing the beauty of Glacier National Park with us. I can’t wait to get back up to St. Mary’s again this summer.

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