Apgar Lookout Early 2015

With a drier spring, some of the early trails such as Apgar Lookout are opening up sooner than normal. While we still walked on a bunch of snow, it was amazing to get out on a perfect day!

Hiking to Apgar Lookout has almost become a tradition of mine at the beginning of the season. With its south facing slope, it is one of the few higher elevation hikes that opens up early. With a perfect sunny day forecasted, Kristen and I had to check it out.

We were rewarded with wonderful smells, awesome birds such as Golden Eagles, Common Redpolls, and a Northern Goshawk to name a few. The weather was perfect and the mountains looked amazing reflecting into Lake McDonald. Hiking season is coming soon!

Longfellow Peak

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4 responses to “Apgar Lookout Early 2015”

  1. fullbandwidth Avatar

    Jake, thanks for sharing all this great information. Making our first
    trip to Glacier in about a month (2nd week of May) and your real-time
    trail reports are enormously helpful. Other resources I’ve found are a
    bunch of generalities but knowing you’ve been walking these trails in
    the here-and-now is priceless!


    1. Sweet! I’ll be getting back out into the park soon. Getting a lot of work done like blogs and such. Any place in particular you’d like to see? (not much is open as of right now)

  2. Isaac Lee Avatar
    Isaac Lee

    Hey Jake! Do you know how long this hike would take for a non-hiker who is in cardio/strength shape?

    1. I’m not sure it makes a difference of being a “hiker” or not. If you are in relatively decent shape, I usually take the mileage and divide it in half to figure out time on the trail. When cruising on flat ground, you can usually cover three miles an hour. Dividing by two gives me two miles an hour average which basically takes into account hills and stops along the way. So I’d say about 3.5 hours. More or less depending upon how destination oriented or flower sniffer/bird watcher/summit laggard you are. 😀

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