Day Hikes of Zion National Park Map Guide Announcement

Day Hikes of Zion National Park Map Guide

If you’re heading to Zion National Park, I’ve got a sweet map with a guide on the back to help you make the most of your trip. Last year, in response to all of the requests that I get for people traveling to Glacier, I came out with the Day Hikes of Glacier National Park Map Guide to answer the question, “Where should I hike today?” The response has been overwhelming, so I decided to fill that void at other National Parks. First up is Zion National Park.

It’s not a book, but a waterproof, tear resistant map with a full day hiking guide on the back. It also includes hiking recommendations to help you sort through the overwhelming amount of information that happens when you visit a new National Parks. The map is perfect for hiking or backpacking with distances between junctions and a visual way of seeing how steep a trail is with green being level, yellow being an incline, and red being steep.

For a free online version of just the guide, check out the Day Hiking in Zion page.

So if your plan involves hiking in Zion National Park, check out the new Day Hikes of Zion National Park Guide! (or if Glacier, check out the Day Hikes of Glacier National Park)

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6 responses to “Day Hikes of Zion National Park Map Guide Announcement”

  1. disqus_LHiySNOJ7l Avatar

    Jake, I love your Glacier guide and will be adding this one to my collection shortly, I am sure it is perfect! Quick question did you get rid of the slope color coding from the glacier guide? I thought that was a great feature to plan days that were hard enough without having all day being super steep or super easy. Thanks,

    1. No way! I kept the slope coloring for this new guide. Glad you love the Glacier one. 😀

  2. Jake, do you work for the National Park Service? Checking to see if your site is secure.

    Thank you.

    1. hike734 Avatar

      Hello Jeanne! I don’t work for the park service at all. I’m a guy who loves to hike in our national parks and started making maps to help people figure out where to go when they visit too! As far as my site being secure, my site uses SSL, and even more importantly, I process payments through PayPal, so I don’t store any credit card information or anything like that. 😀 (if that’s what you were asking)

  3. I used your maps for Glacier backpacking in 2016; they are great. We are going to Zion for the first time on Feb 15, 2018. We are from Illinois and it is not always easy to get to the mountains.

    Is your Zion Hike Guide available to buy at the park or anywhere else? And when will you have the Zion map available in 2018? I would really like to get one.

    Thank you, we really enjoy your guides and maps.

    1. Hello Carol! My new map will be available in April which will miss your trip. You can either wait and pick up one at the Visitor Center down there or order one from Amazon as there is a few left in stock there. Have a great trip!!

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