Blakiston Creek Trail – Waterton Lakes National Park

The Blakiston Creek Trail trailhead in Waterton Lakes National Park, is right before the bridge over Blakiston Creek as you make your way to the Crandell Lake trailhead. This trail follows Blakiston Creek on the north side between the creek and the Red Rock Parkway.

It starts out in fairly dense foliage, then comes out into the beautiful meadows and mountains that drivers of the Red Rock Parkway love. It continues to duck in and out of trees and meadows as well as coming right up to the creek and far away from it as the creek winds around the north slopes of Crandell Mountain. Eventually the trail meets up with the road entering Waterton where you can take the trail all the way to the Visitor’s Center.

If you pair this trail with the Crandell Loop trail, you can have one very large loop and a chance to see quite a variety of terrain. The trail does get a bit long and you will be hiking close to the road for some of it, causing you to lose that “in the middle of nowhere” feel, but you will spend a large amount of time all by yourself as this trail doesn’t receive the traffic that others do.

Blakiston Creek
Middle Waterton Lake with Vimy Peak

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