Project Roadrunner

Teaser pic
Teaser pic

So I couldn’t let January pass without a blog. While it all looks calm on the surface, I’m working on some really cool things underneath.

I’ve been spending a lot of my time working for the Glacier National Park Conservancy as they get ramped up as a combined organization that used to be the Glacier National Park Fund and the Glacier Association. This has affected my blogging frequency, but in the long run, many more cool things are going to come of it.

In regards to Hike 734, I’ve got a secret project that I’m hoping to have out by March 1st. My secret codename is “project roadrunner” because I feel like a secret project feels cooler. It’s the first of a series of projects to help people have the sweetest possible trip when they come to my favorite park, Glacier National Park!

Anywho, enjoy the teaser picture. More to come…

It’s out! Check out the Going-to-the-Sun Road driving Guide here.

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  1. frederica Johnson Avatar
    frederica Johnson

    I’ll be waiting with anticipation to have the surprise revealed in March.

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