Gunsight Pass

Gunsight Pass – August 2012

During the official Hike 734 project, I had a great two days over Gunsight Pass in Glacier National Park with Gunsight Lake, Lake Ellen Wilson, Sperry Chalet and Sperry Glacier to name a few things. Two regrets I had was not filming Gunsight Lake at the foot of the lake from the campground and getting to Gunsight Pass in the dark so I didn’t film the shelter cabin or Lake Ellen Wilson from the pass. Well, on August 19th, 2012, I corrected things and here’s the blog to show you!

Check out my full hike review of Gunsight Pass here!

Gunsight Pass
Mirror Pond

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3 responses to “Gunsight Pass – August 2012”

  1. Mike Kinsella Avatar
    Mike Kinsella

    Kristin is a real trooper to do that 20 miles in one day!! At least the last 7 is all downhill and only takes 2 to 3 hours. This is either my favorite hike in the park or in the top two- at least from the Jackson Overlook to Sperry. It’s probably the most absolute lock in the park for seeing mountain goats. On the other hand, going up from Lake McDoanld to Sperry may be my least favorite and going down isn’t much better.

    How’s the Waterton thing going? How will you get to the Crypt Lake trailhead if the boat has stopped operating?

    1. Kristen can outhike me… she’s amazing! I agree with you on the trail. There is no love loss for that stretch of trail from Lake McDonald to about a quarter mile below the chalet.

      In regards to Waterton, I hiked some, but have put the rest of it on ice. I needed to focus on a couple of other things for the time being. There’s a lot of things I want to come out with as a result of my last year that I haven’t been able to focus on…. plus, I just want to hike smaller for a little bit to get the love back. Hiking started to feel like work and I needed to get some love back! (which I have been!)

      1. Mike Kinsella Avatar
        Mike Kinsella

        I hope you at least filmed the Crypt Lake trail! If not, maybe next year. I’ll do it with you.

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