Hidden Canyon

Hidden Canyon

Zion National Park is home to many slot canyons with an impressive one called Hidden Canyon inside of the main Zion Canyon. Hidden Canyon is easily accessed and fun to explore for everyone with a little bit of work. Sweeping views, then a slot canyon with towering walls await.

The trailhead is easily found at the Weeping Rock Shuttle Stop. Hike past the spur to Weeping Rock like you’re heading up to Observation Point. The trail is steep, but well maintained. Views of the Weeping Rock area get more fantastic with each step.

You’ll break off the paved path to the trail that leads to the mouth of the canyon. Those with a fear of heights may find the next section a little too exposed as the path features some precipitous drops. There are chains to hold onto for some of these sections.

Arch in Hidden Canyon

At the mouth of the canyon, there is some scrambling to get over some rocks, but nothing very technical. Your efforts will be rewarded as you walk up a sandy path into a fantastic slot canyon. Towering walls and cool rock features strike a balance between awe-inspiring and interesting as the water continues to shape the canyon.

An easily missed arch marks a great spot to turn around. Beyond that, the travel gets more technical. At a point, ropes and a permit are required so, unless you have both, turn around and head back down!

Round trip distance without exploring the canyon is 2.5 miles and almost 4 miles with exploring the canyon and 1,150ft/345m gain and loss. This is a slot canyon with many places not having escape routes. If it has recently rained, is raining, or looks like it might rain, avoid the canyon as flash floods appear quickly and are deadly.

Hidden Canyon

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4 responses to “Hidden Canyon”

  1. Jake, I saw a special on a dark of the moon hike at Zion! Are you familiar with it? It could have been at Bryce??

    1. I’m not familiar with it. Might have been Bryce. I’ll have to look though. In regards to the swans, I got a heads up the other day and took a trip down there as well and saw some. Going to go for real again on Sunday! I LOVE migration season! 😀

  2. Trip to the Lower Flathead on Wednesday. Trumpeter Swans and a few Canadians.

  3. Lower Flathead again. We were early as there have been big flocks gathering and waiting on the right weather.

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