Logging Lake

Logging Lake

Drove around Polebridge to get to the Logging Lake trailhead. The trail starts at the Logging Creek Ranger Station and follows Logging Creek up past Logging Lake to Grace Lake where we camped. Very beautiful with loads of wildflowers and birds. The trail starts out very open as you wander through the burn areas, but closes up and becomes a walk in the trees with glimpses into the lakes. Mud and mosquitos exist for most of the year, so be mentally prepared for that as well as having appropriate gear.

My hiking partner was Steven Gnam who is a gifted photographer with a distinct style. Check out his site at http://www.stevengnamphotography.com. He’s also a really cool guy and shares my desire to learn birds and flowers. We had a great time despite the conditions being very challenging. Check it below!

Logging Lake

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18 responses to “Logging Lake”

  1. So is there a reason that your sleeping area was a ways away from the cooking area?

    Loved seeing the Indian Paintbrush… my fav!

    • Yes, Glacier Park has all campgrounds set up where you have a cooking area, an area where you hang your food and an area where you sleep to keep delicious smells away from sleeping. We don’t want them waking us up and asking us for a midnight snack. ๐Ÿ˜‰

      • Thats what I figured but I’ve never camped on the trails in Glacier, so just thought that I would ask. Thanks!

    • I’m going to try and make the blogs a little more concentrated like the end and cut out some of the middle a bit to make them more interesting and shorter. Check that out starting with Avalanche and let me know what you think!

  2. Expect a similar hike when you do the Quartz Lake Loop, except with more mosquitoes. That was our least favorite Glacier hike. This may be a bad summer for mosquitoes in general so look for some sales on OFF.

    • I put Quartz Lake in the middle of July, but I have a feeling that I would need to put it in the middle of November to avoid the mosquitos. Make sure I come back from that hike… I might lose my mind and just run around until I wear myself out and never come back.

  3. I am enjoying these hike reports and video.

    When you take the video while you are walking are you just holding the camera in you out stretched hand?

    • I am. A really wide angle lens helps make it look better (and my arm look longer). I keep working on making my blogs better. If there are things you like/dislike or want to see more of, let me know!

    • It is a camera bag. It’s made by Thinktank Photo. I can’t remember which one I have, but the attachment is the Lenschanger 25 for my wide angle. I also bought their backpack connection kit to attach it to my backpack instead of wearing a harness. I do need to make a modification to attach the top to the frame of my pack, but other than that, it works well to have it handy.

  4. Hi Jake,
    I don’t know if you remember me from showing up at the Nelson’s BS a few times, but anyway, just wanted to say great job with all the hiking, and I really enjoy all the updates and reviews on the trails and conditions! Thanks for sharing!
    I’m starting to get set up w/ a good new camera and wanting to hone my photography skills. Daylene has helped me out a bit, and suggested meeting up with you to get some good photog lessons/pointers… So maybe I can join you for a hike sometime this season!
    Happy Trails ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Becky’s friend? If so, then I do remember you! I’d love to have you join me. Head on over to my schedule and look it over and let me know what hikes you want to come on. I’m not sure what all I can teach you, but I love to share on the trail. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  5. Jake, you make me laugh! I’m a sucker for puns like the one you made about the rocks on the tent. Anyway, I’ve started working through your blog from the beginning. Makes me miss the mountains(stuck in Illinois). Don’t know when I’ll be back to GNP, but it can’t be soon enough. Thanks for this epic series!!

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