Mammoth Terraces

Mammoth Terraces

Mammoth Terraces in Yellowstone National Park is a fantastic collection of hot springs that are, well, terraced. Travertine is the main feature bringing an artificial looking landscaping to the edge of the forest. A collection of boardwalk and paved paths weave around these features giving everyone in the family a chance to marvel at these steaming hydrothermal features.

On our anniversary trip, Kristen and I started exploring Yellowstone National Park by visiting the otherworldly Mammoth Terraces. Located at the edge of Mammoth Hot Springs, this collection of travertine terraces blows your mind. Boiling hot water pours over the edges of these bleached white structures. Dormant springs leave a cool, crumbling, white and gray mounds which contrast the running springs. Extreme microbes love this hot, mineral rich water giving the pools and streams colors of green and orange. The smell of sulfur and the rising steam contribute to the sense that this is not your average place.

Mammoth Terraces was our introduction to Yellowstone National Park and it did not disappoint!

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