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  • Hike 734 Give Back 2019

    Hike 734 Give Back 2019

    **Final update!!** Click here to jump to learn more about the various partners and you can always donate You guys are great! Thanks for your amazing generosity for the 2019 Give Back to the Parks. We raised almost $7,000 for the parks! Totals are below (you can always donate throughout the year of course!): Glacier […]

  • Spring 2017 Transitions

    Spring 2017 Transitions

    The world is always transitioning, even when it feels static. In the middle of winter, transition is happening, but it feels just like, well, winter. Spring and fall are notable as they are not only part of this perpetual transition, they feel like transitions. I spent last summer hiking Grand Teton National Park, and the fall […]

  • Dunanda Falls

    Dunanda Falls

    Dunanda Falls in the Bechler area of Yellowstone National Park falls 110 ft in a lovely curtain. While hiking it as a day hike is 16.9 miles, it’s mostly level through the meadows and along Boundary Creek and the falls are worth it. You’ll even get a bonus waterfall in Silver Scarf Falls. As September […]

  • Colonnade Falls

    Colonnade Falls

    Colonnade Falls in the Bechler area of Yellowstone National Park embody the reason why this area is called “Cascade Corner”. It’s a long, level day hike to get to these falls, but you are treated to a two stage waterfall and another bonus waterfall called Iris Falls (which I LOVED!) 1/4 mile up the trail. […]

  • Slough Creek

    Slough Creek

    The slow moving Slough Creek snakes through two large, beautiful meadows in the northern region of Yellowstone National Park. If you’re a fisherman, it offers ample opportunities to fly fish. If you’re a hiker, it’s full of gentle grades and wide open spaces. I tried hiking to the meadows along Slough Creek in Yellowstone National […]

  • Cave Falls – Bechler Falls Loop

    Cave Falls – Bechler Falls Loop

    Access to Cave Falls and Bechler Falls in the Bechler area of Yellowstone National Park requires a long drive on a gravel road, but gives you easy access to these beautiful waterfalls. Cave Falls is at the end of the road right at the parking lot while Bechler Falls is a short, fantastic walk along […]

  • Rescue Creek & Lava Creek

    Rescue Creek & Lava Creek

    Rescue Creek and Lava Creek in the north section of Yellowstone National Park, can be connected to an almost loop that covers a great variety of habitats. This variety of habitat usually delivers a variety of wildlife to accompany the beautiful, open scenery along the way. A windy, September morning greeted me as I started […]

  • Union Falls

    Union Falls

    Union Falls has to be one of the most spectacular waterfalls in Yellowstone National Park, but because of its inaccessibility, you’ll share it with few others. It is formed by two creeks coming together (thus the name Union Falls) and fans out into a beautiful and complex waterfall as it drops 250ft in a dazzling […]

  • Beula Lake

    Beula Lake

    If you’re looking for a pretty, quiet lake, then Beula Lake in Yellowstone National Park might just be your lake. It’s found in the quiet southwest corner of the park known as the Bechler area. The hike to the lake climbs steeply up to a knoll, then traverses through a lodgepole forest before dropping down to […]

  • Terraced Falls

    Terraced Falls

    Terraced Falls in Yellowstone National Park is one of the many waterfalls found in the southwest corner of the park known as the Bechler area. The hike to this aptly named waterfall is short, fairly level, and a delight as you follow Cascade Creek, then the Falls River to a wonderful perch overlooking Terraced Falls. […]