Rockwell Falls

Rockwell Falls

While my love for the Two Medicine area tends to focus on the amazing ridge walks and open views, places like Rockwell Falls add another amazing layer. This wonderful waterfall, a little over three miles from the Two Medicine boat dock, is a nice level walk to the beautiful main falls that looks like a gorgeous curtain. That view is accessible right off the trail to Cobalt Lake after you cross the bridge over Paradise Creek.

While that is worth the hike, a trip back across the creek and up an obvious social/climber’s trail will take you to the many falls and pools above. This gives you open views of the valley and just the other amazing world just off the beaten path.

Another little side-trip that is fun is the short spur trail to Aster Falls. This quaint little waterfall is a short level walk and is worth the minimal effort!

(Note that falls and drowning are two of the top human causes of death at Glacier National Park. Extra care must be taken around running water.)

Two Medicine Lake

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