Schwabacher’s Landing

A series of easily accessed beaver ponds along the Snake River is sublimely backdropped by at Schwabacher’s Landing in Grand Teton National Park. It’s also a perfect place to spy moose!

We pulled into the parking lot of Schwabacher’s Landing surrounded by a sea of sagebrush. This dry terrain contrasts with the collection of wetlands and beaver ponds in the area. The easy, level trail walks the boundary of these two ecosystems. To the west, the craggy Tetons provide a perfect backdrop and often reflect in the still waters of the ponds.

As we walked along the shore, a multitude of waterfowl from a family of American Wigeon to Mallards to diving Common Goldeneyes gave life to the place. We visited with some of the people who were leaving and they told us that we’d just missed the moose much to our consternation.

We followed up the short 0.5 mile trail when a cow moose and her two frolicking calves came out of the trees, following the ponds, and entertained us for a good twenty minutes before we turned back and headed back to our car.

While Schwabacher’s Landing isn’t much of a “hike” per se, it’s a great place to stop and stretch the legs while providing wonderful opportunities for landscapes and wildlife in Grand Teton National Park.

Calf Moose

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