There are a few classic day hikes in Glacier National Park and Siyeh Pass is definitely high on that list. You start out at the Piegan Pass trailhead. After spending a mile or so in the trees, you leave the Piegan Pass trail for the Siyeh Pass trail and break out into Preston Park. Hit it at the right time and you’ll be spoiled by meadows of alpine flowers in addition to the towering peaks and alpine firs. Keep a watch out for grizzlies in this area!

You then leave the green behind you and head up to the rocky pass and have a brief look into the untrailed Boulder Creek valley at the Pass and then look into the Baring Creek drainage down to St. Mary. Here, you’ll get to see the back side of Going-to-the-Sun Mountain and Matahpi Peak and the Sexton Glacier that they protect. At the pass, you’ve got a good chance of seeing some goats and/or sheep, so keep your eyes peeled.

Numerous little creeks and waterfalls from the glacier and snowfields above come together to form Baring Creek which tumbles in little waterfalls and pools all the way down into the unique feature known as Sunrift Gorge and the end of a long, but rewarding journey.

One last note is that this isn’t for the faint of knees. Since you start at a high elevation and gain even more to Siyeh Pass, you have well over 3,000 feet to descend.

Siyeh Pass

4 thoughts on “Siyeh Pass

  1. I’ve only done the first part of this hike since we broke off at Piegan Pass and went to Many Glacier- that hike was about 12 miles. How long is the Siyeh loop?

    1. Pretty similar in distance. My GPS said we did a shade over 10.5 miles. Both hikes are great though.

  2. Hey Jake
    I saw you speak up in Whitefish in March and you are so awesome! Great speaker and very entertaining! Of course fantastic pics and video footage that you share so well.
    My friend and I take a girls-day hike in Glacier each year. In 2009 we did Iceberg. 2010 was Grinnell. We did this hike in 2011 and we enjoyed it immensely!! So beautiful and we got some great pics like yours. Love you for putting this site together, and am finding it helpful as we try to plan our 2012 day hike in Glacier. I will hollar at you what we decide…so far have it narrowed down to Medicine Grizzly or Gunsight after watching your rockin’ videos. Thanks so much! Peace out.

    1. Thanks! You guys are awesome! Great choices.

      Hmmm, would you do Gunsight (as in Gunsight Lake) as a day hike? Either one would be fantastic. I would also suggest Lee Ridge. Bring water as there isn’t any on the trail and you might see one other person, but it’s super epic and very unique and gets you into the Belly River area where less people go. Speaking of other areas, you could always do Numa Ridge Lookout and have some yummy pastries at the Polebridge Merc either before or after your hike. (or take some with you for the lookout)

      Whatever you decide, I’d love to hear what you do!

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