Brown Pass

The access to the high country from the Bowman valley in the North Fork region of Glacier National Park, is done by hiking along Bowman Lake, past Bowman Campground and up to Bowman Pass where it intersects the Boulder Pass Trail. This trail is most commonly frequented by those desiring to reach Boulder Pass or Hole-in-the-Wall to the west or the Waterton valley or all the way through the Belly River via the Mokowanis drainage to the east.

The trip spends the first half along Bowman Lake gently undulating until you’ve walked about 7 miles to the campground. From there, it goes another 8 or so miles where you climb up through the dense forest to the subalpine areas. The further up the drainage you go, the more the cliff walls of the surrounding peaks become visible as well as the many waterfalls that descend them as a result of the melting snowfields up high.

Brown Pass
Bunchberry Dogwood

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  1. Mike Kinsella Avatar
    Mike Kinsella

    Chestnut-backed chickadee- very cool! Wish I could see one in person.

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