Spring Snowpack Check at the Figure Eight

It’s been a bit since I’ve been up to Glacier National Park so Kristen and I headed up there to do a bit of hiking. We wanted to check out the snow pack and enjoy an absolutely gorgeous spring day. We knew we were going to be staying low, so after considering a few options, we decided to walk along McDonald Creek and up a section known as the Figure Eight.

You find it by parking on the west side of the bridge that goes over McDonald Creek near Apgar. Look on the south side of the road and you’ll see a trail. Follow the trail where it parallels the road, then dives into the forest.

What we ended up finding was a nice trail with a little bit of downfall when it was following the creek. The trail that goes up to the Figure Eight is not maintained as much and had a lot more snow on it. It was still beautiful and fun to be trouncing around in the forest. It was a beautiful day with some birds, a chipmunk, and a pair of Garter Snakes mating.

We are looking pretty good on snowpack this year, so don’t expect too many early openings for trails or roads.

McDonald Creek

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